Valentine’s Day Is NOT About Love

Valentine's day is NOT about love

One day, long ago, someone decided that it would be a great idea to designate a specific day out of the year to celebrate being in love. I am sure that when the holiday first started, it was probably a really lovely experience. It is now 2014, and the very idea of Valentine’s Day makes me sick.

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A ‘Minor’ Rant About Sex

A minor rant about sex
Birds and the bees. Hanky panky. Sideways salsa. Bedroom boogie. Intercourse. Sex.At any given point, any given place, there are people either having or thinking about sex. Screw baseball, sex is the American pastime! Honestly, our culture is completely fixated on the act of sex and all of its wonders. I firmly believe that God originally intended for it to be an act of love and worship shared by a husband and wife, but we have gotten far, far, far, far away from that idea entirely.
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