Why Women Hate Men

Why women hate men

It’s because we pee standing up and they’re all jealous! Right? No? Okay. Seriously, there are a wide variety of reasons why women don’t particularly care for their male counterparts. I know this to be true because I’ve been a man for 25 years and I’ve never met a woman who didn’t hate some man somewhere in the world. What exactly is it about us that makes men so unlikeable though? I’ll give you one of my favorite reasons…

Women hate men because men are shallow.

There is a common misconception that mean are shallow, picky, and physically driven human beings. Truthfully, we are. It’s in our nature. By God’s design we are programmed to seek out a potential mate in the hopes of procreation. I’m sure that we were a bit more generous with our choices back when everyone wore layers upon layers of clothing, circa 1500’s era fashion. Our current generation, however, could find a way to turn 3 tube socks and a bandanna into a full ensemble. Wearing hardly anything on a day to day basis seems to be common practice, but men don’t complain. Women wear semi-see through leggings and a sports bra to the gym and complain that creepy guys keep looking at them. Newsflash. If that is what you’re wearing, men will always look. It’s science. Don’t quote me on that but I think it’s probably written in a book somewhere labeled: “If you wear this, men will stare”.

Men are looked at as perverts, pigs, dogs, weirdos, etc. simply because they appreciate what they see with their eyes. Let me ask a question. Why do women get dressed up? I’m sure they don’t wear tight dresses, makeup, and heels simply for their own enjoyment. I could be wrong, but I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman that found walking around in heels all day to be the high point of her week. Plus, heels are dangerous! More often than not, women dress up because they would like to look nice. And some women wear tight fitting workout clothing because they stretch, breathe, and give them better range of motion during their workouts. But, to their dismay, that attracts all sorts of attention. In this situation, two types of women emerge: Those who hate the attention, and those who only hate the attention when it comes from certain men.

I’m a fan of the women in the gym example because we can all imagine that scenario because we’ve likely seen it play out time and time again. Let’s say a woman is in the gym and catches a guy checking her out in the mirror. If the guy isn’t quite her “type” she’s likely to be uncomfortable, repulsed, or even angry because he’s making her feel like a piece of meat. On the flip side, if that guy is Ryan Gosling’s doppelganger, the woman’s reaction might turn out to be a little different. She may even find herself feeling flattered or even blushing a bit. Why? 

Women are JUST as shallow as men!

Shocking, huh? Not quite a revolution worthy notion, but it is something to consider. I’m a fan of being fair. If you feel uncomfortable being looked at by men, then by all means, be uncomfortable. But first, be honest with yourself when you say things like: “All of the guys in the gym were creeps”. Especially if what you really mean to say is: “All of the guys in the gym were staring at me and none of them were even cute”. I’m going to stop right there before I reach the topic of double standards, because I’m sure that point has been driven into the ground plenty of times.

Agree or disagree, we all know that there is an element of truth to what I’m saying. What do you think? Are all men shallow pigs or are they just victims of biased creep-labeling? 

3 thoughts on “Why Women Hate Men

  1. Linda Collins says:

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  2. Derrell Jamison says:

    Lol! I see that you know exactly what I'm talking about. I didn't mention it in the post but another thing I don't understand is girls that wear a lot of makeup when they go workout. It's pretty obvious to everyone that they came to look cute and not to workout! Thanks for reading and commenting!


  3. Nikkie DidIt says:

    OMG, I workout like 6 days a week. Those who are paying attention to whos watching them, dressed up to go workout or in see-thru leggings aint there to workout in the first place. So even though there complaining about it. Secreting they love it. I go to gym to workout so I hardly notice my surroundings once I get started. Except for the occasional, that person is doing that wrong, what the hell is that person doing or what new exercise is that,”I wanna try it.” Most of the time I hate those girls there to look cute, there mostly in the way, taking up space and slowing down my workout. If you want the attention go somewhere else. As far as guys creeping me out, i hardly get that, their mostly impressed im working so hard compared to others that are there wanting to be looked at. Great article, you've always got me thinking 🙂


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