Committing Suicide

committing suicide

There is a little voice in the back of all of our minds that tries to convince us to do something drastic. Most of us ignore this voice so much that we barely realize that we’re being talked to anymore.

Stop ignoring it.

Just do it already!

I’m not telling you to actually go and off yourself, I’m actually talking about making something of yourself. Most of us are living our day to day lives completely unaware of our own hidden talents. It’s astounding how much wasted potential could be found out in the world today simply because no one wants to listen to that voice. You know, the one telling you to write that book that you’ve been thinking of. The voice that tells you to pursue the job you actually want. People continue to ignore that voice for one simple reason:

They. Are. Afraid. 

They are afraid to really live so they keep themselves from actually doing so (not literally). I can speak about my own life for instance. I have always loved to write. Poetry, rap, stories, advice, etc. I have not always liked to share my work, even though other people have always tried to get me to do so. One day, in a moment of inward reflection I started thinking that I should start writing a blog. The idea came, but so did the reservations and concerns: ‘What if nobody reads it’ or ‘What if people DO read it but hate what I say’. I was defeating myself before I could even get started. I think this is something that we all do from time to time.

We’re preconditioned to immediately seek out the negative outcome in almost every situation. Most people aren’t successful at anything because they are in their own way. Your mindset determines the outcome of your endeavors for the most part. If you start pursuing something with the idea that it is going to fail, then it most likely will. On the flip side, if you go into it with an optimistic approach and a positive belief in yourself and the abilities that you have, then you will probably amaze yourself with what you accomplish.

I am not a trained life coach, preacher, or motivational speaker, but I know what it’s like to not believe in yourself and I also know what it’s like to actually believe that you are capable of doing anything. When we don’t believe in ourselves, we severely limit our life’s potential greatness just as much as committing suicide would.

I am petitioning you to just listen to that voice. God created us all to be great, so you can be great. All you need to do is believe it first.

Can you believe in You?

4 thoughts on “Committing Suicide

  1. Derrell Jamison says:

    I am sorry to hear that about your friend. Although my reference to suicide wasn't a literal one, I know that there are people that deal with the actual thought of it everyday. I appreciate you coming by and leaving a comment. Stay encouraged with your blogging as well. Let your voice be heard!


  2. Taylor Haefele says:

    I always love to see posts like this – about a year ago a close friend of mine killed himself, and only after he died, did we realize there was a whole other side to him that he wasn't sharing.

    I also went through a similar experience in regards to blogging, which I'm still fairly new to. It's nice to be able to put things out there, even if you don't get many comments or hits.

    So, yay to you and all the writers who put together the courage to start publishing their writing.


  3. Derrell Jamison says:

    “..Most of my fears aren't even real..” That is one of the things that I think affects most people the most. We create most of our own obstacles and that makes us have to work twice as hard to reach our goals. It's great that you've figured that out early in life. There are plenty of people that have been on this earth waaaay longer than us that still haven't figured that out! Thanks for reading and commenting!


  4. Austin Wright says:

    This is a much needed article. I too have realized this as well. I think of all the things that are holding me back and they are all fear based. The thing is most of my fears aren't even real but they seem like it in my head. I'm fortunate to have realized this now at a young age rather than later in life.

    I'd recommend to any one to read personal development books, like the Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen. You gotta feed your mind in order to reverse the many years of negative programming you may have developed throughout your life.


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